Saturday, August 26, 2006

Awesome rocket names

Lately I have enjoyed reading about the exploits of Rocket Team Vatsaas. Good luck going there; in my experience over the past few weeks, the link is down about 3/4 of the time. But it's worth trying. They have built some crazy low and high power rockets.

Their high power rockets are even wackier than their low power jobs, which is a pleasant change from the usual. High power rocketry usually doesn't interest me much. I like to fly at the park with rockets that cost less than a hardback book, that I can build at the kitchen table, that I can watch all the way up and all the way down, and that for the most part won't kill me to lose if they should happen to CATO or blow away. Mostly high power rockets bore me. I don't dig on 3FNCs. I understand why most high power rockets are that shape--if you're going to sink somewhere between 100 and 1000 dollars into a rocket, you want it to perform. But I'll stick with my under-a-pound oddrocs, thanks.

Anyway, I didn't start this post to expound on my love of low power rocketry. Rocket Team Vatsaas comes up with names that are just as baroque as their birds. Here are a few of my favorites, presented in no particular order, sans commentary, for promotional purposes only.

Commander Kip Quasar's Galactic Zephyr

The Evil Doctor Manchu's Avenging Projectile of Doom

The Happy Birthday Party Napkin Rocket of the Apocalypse (pictured lifting off above; pic borrowed from the Team Vatsaas site)

Grandma Lucy's Semi-Annual Memorial Day Prickly-Heat Telethon-of-Love

Kidd Plasma's Flaming Atomic Meteor of Justice

Peppermint Stick Suppository of Righteous Indigestion

Queen Sciatica's Pestilent Pirate Armada, Vessel Number 1

Humbled by this awesome display of nomenclatural legerdemain, I decided to christen the rocket I'm currently building the Evil Toothfairy's Flying La-BOR-a-tree of Dental Torment. More on that soon.

Thanks for the inspiration, guys.

UPDATE: Dur. Of course Rocket Team Vatsaas has a whole page dedicated to unusual rocket names. Also, roadside rockets, rockets on cakes, oddrocs, notrocs, and a host of other weirdness at their Missile-aneous page.


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